November 2014 - March 2015

Do it

It can be done

What it can mean for business.

This session focuses on what IT can do for business in the region. It looks on concepts such as ‘born globals’ and ‘micromultinationals’. It presents examples of successful businesses from the NORA region, and showcases how distance to markets can disappear in the world of digital commerce.

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Torstein Hønsi
Founder, Highsoft
From personal need to global markets - mini documentary on the fantastic story of Highsoft from Vik, Norway
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Simon Nordendal
Founder, Azurafiles
Passionate pilot and airport builder - from a village on the Faroes? Mini documentary on Simon Nordendal and Azurafiles
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Marcelo Olarreaga
Professor of Economics, University of Geneva and CEPR, London
Online trade and inequality - advantage for remote locations?
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Sighvatur Jónsson
Media Producer, SIGVAmedia
FabLab Case Study - the interactive bench
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