November 2014 - March 2015

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Greenland 2030: Vision for an IT nation

Mikael Hertig, Owner, Philtrum

Mikael Hertig of Philtrum has an ambitious vision of Greenland as an IT nation in 2030 – hear about his goals and the actions required to reach them.

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Recommended listening: Harddisken, IT radio program (in Danish)

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Rasmus G. Bertelsen
Barents Chair in Politics, UiT, and Assistant Professor, Aalborg University
Key note video on how digitization can develop North Atlantic communities
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Mikael Hertig
Owner, Philtrum
How can Greenland become a leading IT nation by 2030? Philtrum has a comprehensive plan
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Lars Utstøl
Project Manager, U Nordic
Listen to Lars Utstøl of U Nordic explain their approach to and ambition for e-learning.
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