November 2014 - March 2015

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Telecommunication in the Arctic

Páll H. Vesturbú, Managing Director, Networks and Infrastructure, Faroese Telecom

How has telecommunication infrastructure been developed on the Faroe Islands? What are the challenges in providing services on a small archipelago far out in the ocean? Faroese Telecom explains development, impact and future.


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Changing ice situation makes new cables across the Arctic possible (article in Danish)

Fiber-Optic Transatlantic Cable Could Save Milliseconds, Millions by Speeding Data to Stock Traders

FT subsidiary Shefa is responsible for the fiber-optic submarine cable that connects the Faroes with Shetland, Orkney and Scotland

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Frosti Gíslason
Fab Lab Manager
A Fab Lab located in the small fishing community of Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland
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Adam Fiser
Senior Research Associate, Centre for the North
Connecting the Canadian Arctic
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Kristian Sørensen
Senior Principal, Devoteam
Project management and leadership - how to make Arctic IT projects succeed?
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